TI Group

Technology Investment Group

TIGNL an organization of devoted specialists

The Technology Investment Group an organization of devoted specialists and cooperating companies to speed up high quality decision making with respect to investments in innovation. Technology Investment Group (TIG) assists companies, national and international with accelerating and improving the quality of investment decisions. 

Idea-management, early stakeholders involvement, scenario analysis, business modeling and business case development are the content backbone of the TIG services.TIG offers its clients a complete package of consulting services. For the multi-national corporation that has questions concerning products or services. TIG can provide strategic partners with professionals who are able to address business, organizational or technical problems.

Business Associates:

Business associates of the Technology Investment Group are senior Management Consultants of specialist instutes, universities and compagnies. Our background covers the disciplines: Investment Management, Financial Management, Innovation Management, Knowledge Management, Industrial Product and Proces design and Strategic Marketing.

Business Associates names, expertise and companies

Prof. dr.ir Felix Janszen
Professor Innovatie Management Erasmus Universiteit Rottredam, Dir. Inpaqt Delft, expertise innovatie management

Drs. Ing. Jan ten Bosch
Director STEM Techniek en Marketing, expertise industrial marketing.

Dick Arnold
Former directeur Research & Technology Thales Nederland – University ofTwente.

Prof. dr.ir. Jan Spoormaker 
Professor Industrial Product Design Unversiteit Delft, Dir. Spoormaker Consultancy

Ir. Hisco Baas 
Director, Aerospace Tech & Trade, expertise Technology Exchange and Resource Management

Dr. Arno Opdenkamp 
Director Opdenkamp Adviesgroep, Enviromental studies Peter Schaap 

Peter Schaap
Director, Telecombine expertise ICT 

Ron Knaap CPP
Portfolio business developer at Trigion