Technology Investment Group

We connect people, knowledge and experience securing
corporate social responsibility

Welcome to Technology Investment Group: an organization devoted to speed up high quality decision making with respect to investments in innovation.

Technology Investment Group (TIG) assists companies, national and international with accelerating and improving the quality of investment decisions. TIG has been specialized in the translation of investment information, from specialists to executive Board and vice-versa and covers all stages of business development; from idea to profitable product. 

The main asignment of TIG is to speed up the decision making in the boardroom by synchronizing of management- and technological matters. Idea-management, early stakeholders involvement, scenario analysis, business modeling and business case development are TIG services. Together they form the spine of TIG.

Cross border services

In close cooperation with strategic partners TIG are developing, combining and using new technologies in new innovative product and services.

1. Developing strategic consortia and identifying market possibilities
TIG is specialized in developing strategic consortia and identifying common market possibilities, tracing value propositions and the translation of market possibilities and value propositions to functional and technical specifications. 

2. Connecting people, knowledge and experience to business opportunities and business cases
TIG works at enhancing and developing the competence of clients. The main expertise of TIG is knowledge management, moderation and developing competencies of clients by education.

3. Consultancy and international professionals 
TIG offers its clients a complete package of consulting services and can provide strategic partners with professionals who are able to address business, organizational or technical problems.